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The PassTracker Software

The PassTracker Software
Product Code: The PassTracker Software
Single User - $325.00 US BUY
Multi-User Basic - 5 Users - $1,200.00 US BUY
Multi-User Enterprise - 10 Users - $1,600.00 US BUY
Support Training - Online & Telephone (per hour) - $100.00 US BUY

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Description of The PassTracker Software
Activity Management and Point of Sale Software is a low cost system designed to track product sales and membership pass.

Low Cost Solution to Organize your Business

PassTracker is a low cost solution to help you organize your business. Compared to building it yourself, you can save thousands of dollars by buying PassTracker instead. PassTracker can be configured in a variety of ways to keep your costs low, while providing you with the reports and controls you need to get a better handle on your business.

Tracks Activity on Customer Passes

Using a bar code scanner, the system keeps track of pass usage by customers. The system not only keeps customer honest, it helps in designing pricing for passes, potentially improving revenue. Think of PassTracker as a full time pass checker at your front counter, ensuring customers are up to date and paid before they enter your establishment.

Bar Code Scanner Integration

Core to the system is its integration with a bar code scanner. A bar code scanner is the equivalent of a really fast typist, quickly entering lengthy customer codes. The customer pass code is then processed by the system, performing an automated lookup of the customer's information, testing whether the pass is current and delivering a status message to a monitor dedicated to customer viewing.

Cash Drawer Integration

With PassTracker, it is possible to create a complete Pass Tracking and Point of Sale, by implementing integration with a cash drawer that can be set to open at the completion of a sale. This closes the loop on all aspects of the sale and tracking of customer passes and product purchases.

Cash Sales

PassTracker can easily handle quick sales, through the use of a "Cash Sale" button. Click this button and avoid data entry of a customer's name. This is ideal for "one off" sales, where there is no need to track the customer.

Detailed Reporting Capabilities

Generate detailed reports to hone in what is working in the business.

- Today's Sales Report

- Today's Activity Report

- Receipts : Daily, Monthly, Start Date, End Date, by Class

- Passes and Product Reports : Daily, Monthly, Start Date, End Date

   * Activity Reports
   * Find Passes about to Expire
   * Find all Current Passes
   * Birth Date List
   * Gender Report
   * Traveling Activity Instructors Software
   * Age Grouping Report
   * View Customers and Purchases
   * View Customers and Activities
   * Who's Here Now Report

Quickly customize reports for different time periods, types of passes, classes, instructors etc.

Well Documented

PassTracker software is well documented to get customers up and running quicking and to make training Staff easy. PassTracker features a 74 page manual.

Simple to Use for Staff and Customers

Staying with the Keep It Simple principle, ninety percent of regular daily activities will happen in "The Big Three" screens. The core of the program revolves around three main screens, the Customer Infoscreen, the Receipt Screen, and the Bar Code Lookup Screen. Note these three primary databases are a darker gray and a little larger in the structure overview to emphasize their importance. The starting place for every sale is with the Customer Screen. Each customer can have multiple Receipts, each Receipt can contain multiple Line Items (products, rentals or passes) and each Pass Line Item can have multiple Activities related to it.

Fast Setup Screens for Administrator

Managers or administrators will be able to get the system up and running quickly by using the Global Settings and Product and Pass setup screens. These screens are where the options and settings for the program are managed. There is a screen for adding the particular products, passes or rentals that will be sold. There is a Customer Settings screen to input information about the company using PassTracker. The Bar Code Creator allows the administrator of the program to print batches of Bar Codes passes.

Bulk Emailer

PassTracker features a bulk email program to allow companies to keep in touch with their membership via email. With a few simple setup steps, it is possible to send a batch email out to thousands of members to keep them in touch with the latest happenings of your organization.

Forgotten Passes

If a customer forgets their pass, it is easy to look them up by name and book them into a class or activity visit. Simply search by Last Name and First Name, identify the most recent pass and click the Record a Session button. The same status check done by the bar code is done and the customer is confirmed or denied based on the status of their current pass.


Refunding passes or products is as easy as making a sale. Simply call up the customer's record, click the Make a Sale/Refund button, select the Refund button and enter the product or pass to be refunded and how it is to be paid out.

Who is Here Now Report

At any time, staff can check on the status of a class or how many customers have checked in on a particular day.

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