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FileMaker Server 15 Hosting

FileMaker Server 15 Hosting
Product Code: FMS15DED
Business Yearly - $2,700.00 US BUY
Dual Yearly - $3,500.00 US BUY
SOHO Yearly - $875.00 US BUY
Workgroup Yearly - $1,200.00 US BUY

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Description of FileMaker Server 15 Hosting
Fantastic FileMaker Server 15 hosting. Dedicated servers meet FileMaker's End Users License Agreement.

a) Business $2700 per year, 16GB RAM, 2TB disk, 4TB backup, FileMaker Server + 1 Connection
b) Workgroup $1200 per year, 8GB RAM, 500GB disk, FileMaker Server + 1 Connection
c) SOHO $875 per year, 2GB RAM, 32GB disk, FileMaker Server + 1 Connection
d) Dual $3500, Business Plan + a 2nd server for FileMaker Fail over

add WebDirect / Go connections for $117ea, must purchase in packs of 5

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