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How secure is Neo Code FileMaker Hosting?
It is as secure as you make. You are 100% responsible for the security of your databases. You have total control over the security permissions on the files you upload. Neo Code staff will NEVER ask for your FileMaker usernames and passwords. We do not need them to host your solution.
That said we have implemented a second layer of security by putting FileMaker database files OUTSIDE the web directory root which makes it impossible for web to ever download or have direct access to your FileMaker databases. Only the files in your HTML directory are available to web users.
If you need help with configuring FileMaker Security please review check out our forum, our documentation How to Secure Your Filemaker Database File, or contact to discuss the range of support products Neo Code Software can provide.

What hardware is used for FileMaker Hosting?
Redundant server hardware from IBM and Dell or our Neo Code Cluster Technology.

What backup systems are in place?
We currently use EMC's Retrospect Server connected to Dell LTO-2 Tape Library (autochanger) for backups.

Should I use FX.PHP or the FileMaker PHP API?
Good question. Johnathan Stark and Chris Hansen have created the definitive document comparing them here:

Do you support the FileMaker PHP API?

Do you have the FileMaker PHP API docs?
Yes. The URL is

Do you have the FileMaker PHP Docs with user contributed notes?